Introducing Aqua Face Yoga

Aqua Face Yoga is a fresh, brand new, multisensory experience for the face, body, mind and soul.

All the benefits of Face Yoga.

All the benefits of being afloat on the water.

Facial exercises.

Relaxation & mindfulness.

The rejuvenating power of the sea.

All combined with that incredible blue, zen atmosphere, 

the sound and the movement of the water.

And - it’s for everyone.
For the young.
… and the not so young.

How it started

Being Greek means spending endless summers afloat on the Aegean Sea.

So, I asked myself.

What if I bring together my experience of Greek summer together with my knowledge of Face Yoga?

I did it!

And I love it!

It works wonders!

Aqua Face Yoga brings you closer to your senses, closer to your true self.

It clears the mind, reduces negativity, it builds resilience.

It makes you feel better, and therefore look better

with a fresh, glowing tone on your face.

Aqua Face Yoga is a new way to explore, nourish and love oneself,

a new way of experiencing and appreciating nature.

Maria Pampoukidi

I have worked across all media as a journalist, content creator and beauty editor for many years - focused on holistic wellbeing, healthy eating, beauty and lifestyle. Magazines, radio and television were my natural environment.

I also have corporate experience, as Marketing and Communications Manager for a multinational natural cosmetic company.

And then I discovered Face Yoga…. I became aware of this growing global trend.

Discovering more, I found the guru behind it all - Fumiko Takatsu, an incredible Japanese woman living in California.
I registered for her training course and as miracles sometimes happen, when I graduated, Fumiko asked me to join her as a coach and face yoga teacher.  

I still work with Fumiko, although I also run my own classes, workshops and private one-on-one sessions with clients all over the world.

Creating Aqua Face Yoga, this amazing new experience for all, is my new passion.